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My top 10 favorite Super Nintendo games by bogercs by bogercs My top 10 favorite Super Nintendo games by bogercs by bogercs
#10: Super Metroid: Every list of Super nintendo games always start with Super Metroid an action packed sequel filled with excitement and suspense!
#9: Super Mario All-stars: All your favorite NES mario games are packed into one super nintendo game remastered in 16 bit!
#8: Hagane - The final Conflict: This Dystopian future has only on hero! A really awesome cyborg ninja and ninjas are awesome!
#7: Breath of fire: One of the great RPGs that have both the players and enemies life bars!
#6: Tetris attack: The earlier Bejeweled only this puzzle game matches the colored squares three in a row!
#5: Donkey Kong Country: This is one of the revolutionary games that was introduced into 3-d 32 bit graphics!
#4: Secret of Mana: While playing this adventure game, Multi-player characters make this an epic journey!
#3: Yoshiès Island: Yoshi is in his first egg-shooting exciting game where Yoshi does the excellent role as father... or mother!
#2: Final fantasy 2: 2 is elementary and having this RPG runner up is a good way to make a list.
Brace yourself for the #1 game!
#1: Super Mario RPG! Secret of the seven stars: Mario is back and this time Nintendo has teamed up with Square to make The best RPG experience with a hint or Super Mario Bros and a pinch of Final Fantasy! This RPG wil have you jumping.
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